What a typical meeting
looks like

Please arrive at or before noon

12:00 - serve lunch - 20 minutes to eat and fellowship
12:20 - Short, inspirational story about missions  
12:35 - Prayer over that Inspirational story
12:40 - We will hear about "topic/ministry of the month"
1:15   - Persecuted Church Intercessory Prayer - 20 minutes
1:30   - Closing .... but welcome to stay for Networking

~Networking time~

1:30 ~  2:00 - Organized 3-minute/person ministry sharing with contact information facilitated by Pastor Dann Bryant.

Previous meetings:
'Inspirational Moments'

The Inspirational moment for October's Sacramento Area Missions Network meeting. George Liele.
The real story of Darlene Deibler Rose

Previous meetings:
Main Presentations

Listen to September's meeting at Jessup.  Featuring Daniel Gluck Associate Professor of Global Leadership and his panel of guest.
October 2022 - Presentation on Perspectives and why the Church needs to be involved.
November 2022 - Presentation on the Persecuted Church Presented by Jay Devers


We are happy to answer all questions you may have.

  • If you would like to become a member or partner, email us with that request.
  • If you are a pastor and want to join, we'd love to help partner with you.
Every second Thursday of each month.  

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Email: hellosamnleadership@gmail.com
Call: 916-305-2603


Be a part of what we're doing, hear about opportunities
going on around Sacramento and join is the fun of bringing
the Love of Jesus to all those around us.